Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Hello Kitty Swap

Made a few changed to the blog to spice things up a little.  As you can see, the text  'wants/swaps' inks on the left sidebar has been replaced with image links featuring the album cover of each set - hope that it doesn't confuse anyone.

A couple of new albums have also been added to the blog under 'wants/swaps' - looking to find the remaining stickers from a few of them now.

As for a sticker update, I did receive another sticker via swap from the Hello Kitty album yesterday, #20.  I have already ordered the remaining stickers from this album from Panini - apparently it should take about 3-5 weeks to receive my missing response.

Hello Kitty sticker - #20
Looking to trade stickers from the Panini Hello Kitty album? Click here.

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